How's Your Temper?
Are you hot-tempered or as peaceful as Lake Placid? Take this quiz to find out what kind of temper you have.
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Someone runs a red light, narrowly missing your car. What do you do?
Call the police and follow the culprit, giving directions on your cell phone all the while, until the police catch up and arrest him.
Lean on the horn.
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Someone rudely pushes ahead of you in the checkout line at the grocery store.
You shout at the person until he leaves.
You tap the person on the shoulder and politely ask him to step aside.
You let it go. You never know what’s going on with that person. Maybe he has a good reason for pushing in.
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Your romantic partner forgets your birthday.
You throw all of his or her clothing on the front lawn and lock the door.
You gently remind him or her and then the two of you have a good laugh.
You burst into angry tears.
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Your child has a temper tantrum because “there’s nothing good to eat in the house!”
You respond by yelling at him or her.
You sternly send the child to his or her room.
You gently find the child something healthy to eat, chalking up the tantrum to low blood sugar.
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You always watch your language.
You use them only now and then.
You use them all the time.
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You accidentally hit your own thumb while hammering a nail. You…
Jump up and down, shaking your hand and howling a bit.
Hurl the hammer across the room, breaking the window.
Bite your lip.
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You feel angry…
Every now and then.
Most of the time.
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Are you easily irritated?
Most of the time.
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Your moods…
Are only affected by large events.
Vary widely. One minute you’re laughing, the next minute you are in tears.
Are practically nonexistent.
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