How well do you know men?
How well do you know men? Are you constantly overanalyzing guys? Men can be curious creatures, though they are far less complicated than you may realize. Test your understanding of the opposite sex and find out if you know men as well as you think you do
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What qualities do you think men value most in a potential girlfriend?
Drop-dead gorgeous, plastic parts optional.
Sassy and sweet with a sense of humor.
Kind-hearted and generous, to take care of his every whim.
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Are men intimidated by your independence?
Not if you make sure that he understands that you need him.
Yes, though I've never had that problem because I'm less than independent.
No, men like the fact that I am not a gold-digger and don't depend on them for everything.
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What kind style do you think men like best?
Unimaginative: A short, tight, low-cut dress that puts all assets on display leaving nothing to the imagination.
Simple: jeans that hug all the right places and a plain white tee.
Trendy: Top to toe in the latest must-have trends.
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Do his friends' opinions of you matter to him?
No, I don't date men that let their friends influence their relationships.
Yes of course, but they all love me!
Yes and the same goes for my friends' opinions of him.
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When he says "I really like you," what he really means is:
"I love you, but I want you to say it first."
"I really like you and it could be love, but I don't want to rush into saying the L-word."
"We've been together for a while and I like you, but I don't love you, though if I don't tell you how I'm 'feeling' you may break up with me."
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What is his biggest fear about moving in together?
Feeling claustrophobic and forced to spend every single second together
Having to answer to someone he when stays out all night with his friends
Witnessing your private beauty routines
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He's not over his ex if:
How could he not be over her if he's with me?
He still has pictures of her, her phone number programmed and I swear I've caught him texting her.
He can't get through a conversation without mentioning her.
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