How superstitious are you?
Find out how superstitious are you?
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What do you do when you see a shooting star?
Wow. It’s so beautiful. I just see it.
Make a wish
I don’t believe there is magical in the world. But I still make a wish.
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You saw a black cat crossing the path in front of you. What would you do?
I get a little bit nervous
I’ll stop to stroke it. It’s so cute
I just keep moving
Just leave it. It’ll bring the luck
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It’s Friday 13th, what do you do?
I’m a little more careful than normal
So what? I’ll do the same things that I usually do
I’ll take the day off work and stay indoors until it’s over
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You break a mirror while cleaning. What do you do to get rid of seven years of bad luck?
I try to super-glue it back together
Throw a pinch of salt over my left shoulder
I leave the glass where it is for 7 hours and then the bad luck will only last 7 days
I don’t believe in bad luck. I just clean it up
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What do you think of superstitious people?
They’re crazy
I know exactly how they feel
I think a little superstition is OK. As long as they never lose their mind
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If many bad things happen to you consecutively, what do you think?
Pray or do anything to get rid of bad luck.
Maybe I didn’t focus in my work.
Does God get angry at me because I did something wrong?
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