How stubborn are you?
Take this quiz and find out how stubborn are you?
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In the group which one you are....
I like to be a leader but sometimes I just follow others but still I give them my ideals
I give them my ideal and convince others follow me
The follower! I would do anything that is best for group
The leader! I hate obeying others.
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One of your friends asks you to do something for her, but you don’t really like. What would you do?
Probably not. I may make up some excuses not to do that and quickly run a way
I’m stuck doing it
It depends. If she really needs my help I will do it for her
No way! Nobody can make me do something I don’t like
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You were in the middle of an argument... and realized you were wrong. What's your reaction?
Understand you were wrong and end the fight early even though you lost.
Stop arguing but don't admit you're wrong
Feel like an idiot and get emotional about it.
Continue arguing, and hopefully bring up even better points.
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A crush you have had for quite a while finally tells you they aren’t interested in date. What you reaction?
Continue going after them anyway.
Find a other immediately.
Shrug it off. They weren’t worth your time
Make them regret this decision
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People tell you your outfit is not suitable or it doesn’t look good. What is your reaction?
Who cares? As long as I feel comfortable, it hasn’t to do with them.
I said “No. I think it really suits to me”
I probably won’t wear that again! I like people see me look good.
I’ll ask my best friend. If she/he agrees them I won’t wear it again.
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What is your reaction if someone said that they don’t like you?
Excuse me! Do I know you?
What? But why? What did I do?
It’s OK. A lot people like me. That’s enough.
I don’t like you too?
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