How Spontaneous Are You?
How spontaneous are you, really? The answer may surprise you.
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How easily do you change your mind?
Depends on what it is
Almost never
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How do you feel about surprises?
I love them, but only if I'm the one being surprised.
I hate them.
I love them, but only if I'm the one doing the surprising.
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Your best friend calls you and says she just got asked out on Friday night. What do you say?
You're more excited than she is.
Find out where they're going and randomly show up there.
Grill her about the guy to make sure he's okay.
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Which would you rather do?
Go out with friends.
Read a book.
Get a project done.
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Which is the most powerful?
Hard work
True love
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Do you try new things?
Only if I have to.
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Which are you more likely to do?
Make my own directions.
Follow the directions.
Ask for directions and maybe follow them.
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Which movie do you prefer?
I don't really watch movies.
The Lord of the Rings
The Wizard of Oz
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How do you feel about working on the weekends?
It's the practical choice.
Nope. Not doing it.
I'll do it, but I would rather not.
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