How Southern Are You?
Do you belong above or below the Mason Dixon Line?
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How often do you like to relax with a glass of wine?
A few times a week.
Every night!
Only if I go out to dinner.
I don't know. Not that often. I'm not much of a wine drinker.
Only on the weekends.
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What's a Yankee?
Anyone from the Northern states.
Umm...someone who fought for the North during the Civil War?
Anyone who isn't from the South.
Any American who isn't from the South.
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Have you ever read anything by Mark Twain?
I've only ever read Tom Sawyer.
I've read a couple.
Of course! I've read all his books!
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Which of these did you do in the summer when you were a kid?
Play capture the flag.
All of the above!
Sell lemonade.
Went camping.
Tried to see if you really could fry an egg on asphalt
Gone swimming in a nearby lake.
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You order waffles at a restaurant. What toppings do you want?
Eh. I'd rather order pancakes.
Just butter and maple syrup.
Chicken fried steak and gravy! What? Don't look at me like that. It's really good on waffles I swear!
Starberries and whip cream please!
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When you party, do you give Cooter Brown a run for his money?
Cooter Brown? Where have I heard that name before?
Definitely! Pour me another one!
Nah, not me. But I have a friend who does.
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Have you ever made your own grits from scratch?
I've made grits from scratch once but never again! It was way too complex.
No. I'm not interested in making grits from scratch or otherwise.
Never from scratch. But do I make grits a lot.
All the time! They're always best when they're homemade.
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You're talking to a group of friends. How do talk about them as a group?
I say 'y'all'. It's the only way to say it!
I say 'you'. You do know that 'you' can be plural too, right?
I say 'you all'.
I say 'you guys'.
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What's your favorite genre of music?
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Did you watch a lot of TV when you were little?
Yes. I still feel nostalgic when I remember my favorite shows of my youth.
No. I was too busy playing outside.
Only on Saturday mornings.
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When you were little, did you ever catch a crawdaddy?
With my bare hands!
I tried but wasn't very good at it.
What is that? Some kind of disease??
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How important do you feel marriage is in a relationship?
It is a good way to show your love for someone, but not necessary.
I think it's an outdated idea.
It's very important. What's the point of a relationship without it?
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What is country ham?
It's just a way of cooking ham that restaurant sometimes serve. It doesn't taste like anything special.
Salty and yummy!
Umm...maybe ham that comes from the country?
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Someone says to you, 'bless your heart'. How do you react?
I say thank you. How nice of them.
I put on a big grin and say 'bless your heart too'. They have it coming!
I want to slap them.
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How do you like your tea?
Cold and sweet.
Hot, with sugar or honey.
Please make sure it's green tea! Thanks!
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Do you go to church regularly?
Yes. Every week.
I try to. But sometimes it's difficult.
No. I don't go to church.
I only go on holidays.
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Which is your favorite season?
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What is the Mason Dixon Line?
It's the border between the South and the rest of the world and I never want to live anywhere north of it.
It's the boundary between Maryland and Pennsylvania. It was created to resolve border disputes.
Um...I don't know. Who cares about a line?
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What is your favorite breakfast side dish?
Cinnamon rolls.
Country ham.
Hash browns.
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You're throwing a party. Who do you invite?
All my friends.
The neighborhood.
Only my closest friends.
Everyone is welcome! Bring your friends and family! The more, the merrier! We're going to make this a night to remember.
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You go to Disney Land. Where's your first stop?
The Haunted Mansion
The Jungle Cruise
Tom Sawyer Island
Indiana Jones Adventure
I would never go to any Disney theme park if I could help it.
Why would I go to Disney Land when I could go to Disney World?
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