How romantic are you?
Do you dream of candlelight dinners and luxurious lovers getaways with your partner? Do you kiss with your eyes closed and read trashy romance novels? Are you a dreamer when it comes to you love life? Or perhaps you have been scorned in the past and have been left jaded? Find out how romantic you are now!
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It's your significant other's birthday. What do you get them?
A cute framed picture of the two of you on a memorable occasion.
A home cooked dinner for two.
A coupon book of "special" favors
I have to buy something?
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How do you spend New Year's Eve?
Together is all that matters!
At a party, but we'll make sure to have our special midnight kiss.
A romantic night for the two of us.
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What do you hope to receive for Valentine's this year?
Lingerie, the sexier the better.
A good nap.
Some romantic comedy DVDs.
We don't believe in Valentine's Day.
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Do you believe in love at first sight?
Lust, for sure.
Yes, possibly - depends on the circumstances!
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When you are in a relationship, do you want to spend all your time together?
Um, that would be known as stalking.
As long as it's quality time. (wink, wink!)
Everything in moderation - too much time, we may run out of stuff to talk about!
As much as possible.
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Do you get butterflies in your stomach when you are near your significant other?
Depends on what he's wearing
Almost always!
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Do you believe in blind dates?
Uh, yes. Isn't that all the best Cinemax movies start out?
Never say never!
If he's cute, yes. Otherwise, I'd rather just watch a Lifetime movie.
Never ever will you trust a friend - or foe - or a ESPECIALLY relative - when it comes to your love life
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