How reliable are you?
Can People count on you? Take this quiz to find out.
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You’re invited to a party, you…
Always really late
Always a few minutes late
Always a couple of minutes early
Always on time
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Have you ever talked behind someone’s back?
A few times
No. It’s not good
Yes, many times
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Are you the type of person who always says what they’re thinking?
Only if I’m really close to people
Of course, you’ve got to stay true to yourself
Not really. I would rather to hear other’s ideal
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Your parents have something to do and absent a few day. They ask you to look after your younger sister or they have to send her to yours relatives. What would you do?
Agree although I haven’t imaged what have to do but I can’t send her to my relative. I would miss her so much.
I’ll look after her. It doesn’t matter because I usually help my parents do that.
No way, I event can’t take care myself.
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How good are you at making excuses?
I’m the master at making up convincing excuses
Not very good
Only if when I need to
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How many true friends do you have?
A few
Just one or two
A lot
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