How reliable are you?
Can People count on you? Take this quiz to find out.
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You’re invited to a party, you…
Always really late
Always a few minutes late
Always a couple of minutes early
Always on time
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Have you ever talked behind someone’s back?
No. It’s not good
Yes, many times
A few times
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Are you the type of person who always says what they’re thinking?
Only if I’m really close to people
Not really. I would rather to hear other’s ideal
Of course, you’ve got to stay true to yourself
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Your parents have something to do and absent a few day. They ask you to look after your younger sister or they have to send her to yours relatives. What would you do?
I’ll look after her. It doesn’t matter because I usually help my parents do that.
Agree although I haven’t imaged what have to do but I can’t send her to my relative. I would miss her so much.
No way, I event can’t take care myself.
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How good are you at making excuses?
I’m the master at making up convincing excuses
Not very good
Only if when I need to
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How many true friends do you have?
A lot
A few
Just one or two
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