How pure are you?
Take this quiz to know how pure you are.
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You like the problems that
Are simple
Have depth
Are a little complex
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What is the most important in love?
The emotion
I don’t know. I haven’t loved anyone.
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If someone talks behind your back, what would you do?
Confront him/her
Do the same as she/he did
I don’t care
Using violence
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Have you ever slept with someone you only just met?
Yes, a number of times
No, I have just thought about that
Just once and that's an accident
No, I have standards
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Have you ever forgotten lending money to your friend?
No, I always take note
Yes, I usually forget small amount of money
I remember that I didn’t lend money to anyone
Never, how can I forget it?
Sometimes I forgot
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A hot guy offers you his number, but you have a boyfriend, do you…
Take his number (Just in case)
Hell yes he’s hot!
Politely refuse
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