How Old Do You Look?
Answer our 9 questions to find out how old you really look.
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Choose the age group that most closely describes you:
Under 18
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You are getting dressed up a for New Year's Eve party, what is your outfit?
A tailored suit
Skimpy and shiny, with glitter
Messy top bun, casual black pants and a loose top.
A designer jacket with straight-leg pants
A lot of layers and scarves because it will be cold!
Your go-to flattering holiday outfit.
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What is your skincare routine?
I haven't developed one - I sleep with make-up on way too often!
Eye cream and a tinted moisturizer.
Moisturizers, day creams, night creams, eye creams, you name it.
Splash of water and I'm good to go.
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What is your ideal dress-up shoe?
fine leather boots - they are timeless
something sensible
pretty flats
Heels, the higher the better
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How much sleep do you get?
4-5 hours
a solid 8 hours as recommended
6-7 hours
9+ hours
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How many alcoholic drinks do you have in a week?
more than 10
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What color is your hair?
My natural color
Dyed a few shades off from my natural color.
Whatever color I feel like trying out this month
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What is your diet like?
Eating out several times a week
Home cooked every day
Fast food several times a week
A mix of all of them
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What radio station do you play in the car?
Top 40!
The alternative station
Talk radio
Classic rock
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