How Old Are You?
This quiz will tell you the difference between your real age and the age you have acquired in your behavior
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What is your favorite toy?
Any toy
I'm too old for toys!
Video games
I like my stuff barney.
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What kind of shows do you watch?
Anything I want to!
Normal kid shows
Rated MA like an adult!
Shows rated TV-14
Baby shows
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What would you rather do everyday?
Play with my cell phone
Play with friends
Watch adult TV shows!
Play with toys
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How often do you cry?
A lot
Never!! I think that I'm a little more mature than that.
Only girls cry!
I cry a little bit, but I'm not a child!
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What is your favorite song?
One in a million
Princes songs
Funky Town
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Your mother grounds you for life because you didn't listen to her. What do you do?
Go on the floor and scream while kicking!
Walk into your room and cry a little bit!
Go on the floor and scream
Talk back to her and get grounded even more!
My mother can't boss me around any more. I'm an adult!
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Do you have a crush on someone right now?
None of your business!
No, but I wish!
I'm married.
Ewww!!!! love is icky!
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