How Old Are You?
This quiz will tell you the difference between your real age and the age you have acquired in your behavior
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What is your favorite toy?
I like my stuff barney.
Any toy
I'm too old for toys!
Video games
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What kind of shows do you watch?
Shows rated TV-14
Anything I want to!
Baby shows
Rated MA like an adult!
Normal kid shows
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What would you rather do everyday?
Watch adult TV shows!
Play with friends
Play with my cell phone
Play with toys
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How often do you cry?
A lot
I cry a little bit, but I'm not a child!
Only girls cry!
Never!! I think that I'm a little more mature than that.
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What is your favorite song?
One in a million
Funky Town
Princes songs
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Your mother grounds you for life because you didn't listen to her. What do you do?
My mother can't boss me around any more. I'm an adult!
Go on the floor and scream while kicking!
Walk into your room and cry a little bit!
Go on the floor and scream
Talk back to her and get grounded even more!
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Do you have a crush on someone right now?
I'm married.
Ewww!!!! love is icky!
None of your business!
No, but I wish!
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