How Much Do You Like Yourself?
How's your self-confidence doing these days?
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There's an ad in the newspaper asking for healthy, intelligent and attractive people to apply to be sperm or egg donors. Successful candidates, the ad says, stand to make a ton of cash. What's your reaction?
Sounds interesting and it's a ton of money, but it's a bit too weird for me. I'll pass.
Clearly, I am an ideal candidate for this. Where do I sign up?
Who in their right mind would want my loser DNA to make a child? The last thing this world needs is another me in it.
I guess I could apply, because I could use the money. But I doubt I'm what they're looking for.
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You're driving home at 3AM and your car engine dies. You have no money for a cab, and there's no public transit at this hour. Who do you call to come and get you?
My significant other or my best friend.
I don't have anyone that I would feel comfortable waking up for something like that. I would probably just sleep in my car until daylight, then figure out what to do next.
I call a close family member. I would never inconvenience someone else like that!
I update my FB status with a fun contest post! Whoever comments first can come and get me!
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Your boss promised to give you a raise last quarter, but he never did. What do you do?
I don't say anything and hope he eventually remembers by himself.
I send an email explaining my financial situation, and politely ask him to think about raising my salary whenever it's convenient for him.
I schedule a meeting with him ASAP to discuss the issue.
I walk straight into his office and confront him. I'm a great employee and deserve to get paid more, just like he promised.
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You were just picked last for a casual game of frisbee golf with friends at the park. What is your most likely reaction?
I feel horrible, but I pretend not to care.
I feel excited and motivated to play harder. I'm about to knock their socks off with my frisbee golf skills. Let's do this!
The team's captains are intimidated by me. That would explain how someone like me would get picked last.
I wouldn't have expected anything different, this is my life.
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The love of your life just broke up with you, out of the blue. Thoughts?
I'm devastated. That relationship was the only good thing I had going for me, and now it's gone.
I know I'm acting irrationally, but I can't help myself from calling my ex nonstop, leaving crazy voice mails, and stalking his or her social media pages.
I'm going to convince my ex to get back together, just so I can break it off myself for good. Nobody dumps me!
I'm sad, but not lonely! I'll call my friends to come over and help me keep my mind off of my ex.
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You're deep in conversation with an attractive new co-worker, when he or she informs you that you have some food stuck in your teeth. How do you feel?
I feel incredibly embarrassed and excuse myself to the restroom to look in the mirror.
I can't help but feel like a total idiot. I'm way too embarrassed to ever speak with that person again.
I laugh it off and thank him or her for letting me know. Then I forget all about it.
I immediately look for something to criticize them about, in return.
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Your favorite pair of jeans are suddenly too tight on you. You can't zip them up anymore. What's going on?
Where are my sweatpants? I'll just wear those from now on.
I might have been underdoing it at the gym and overdoing it in the kitchen. I'll have to work on that.
I feel fat, fat, fat. That's what's going on. Time to start the diet again!
I have no idea what's going on. The dryer must have shrunk them to a smaller size.
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Which of the following aspects of your life would you most want to improve?
My personality.
My career or artistic talent.
My looks.
My social or love life.
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You found a magic lamp, and now the genie is going to give grant you a wish. What do you want the most?
Excellent health.
Exquisite Beauty.
Notoriety or Fame.
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How do you feel when you're around very attractive people?
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A cute co-worker just asked you for help filing some paperwork. What's going through your head?
I don't know, I feel like I'm being manipulated into doing his or her job for them.
I wish I had worn something a little nicer.
Awesome, an opportunity to get to know my cute co-worker a little better!
I knew it! My co-worker wants me.
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