How many people are jealous of you?
Let me guess how many people are jealous of you.
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When you tell people about yourself how they look at you?
Everyone looks at me with a sad look or sometimes angry look
Most of them look away and act like they’re ignoring me
Only some of them look like they are paying attention
They have a smirk on their face
Just s half of them pay attention
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When you appear, what do people react?
A lot of them start whispering to their friends
They all stop talking and watch me
They don’t care at all
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If you heard a rumor that was spread about you, what would it probable say?
That wouldn’t happen
Something that I only told a few people that might be true
It’d probably say something outrageous
Something about something I really care about
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How many close friends do you have?
About half of my friends
A few
Not many at all
A lot
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Can you describe about yourself?
Quiet and shy
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What percentage of a chance do you have at being a leader of club, etc?
Not a chance at all
A very large chance
A little chance
Barely a chance
A good chance
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