How Long Would You Last in a Horror Flick?
How long would you last in a horror flick before you were taken out by the villain? Take our fun quiz and we'll tell you!
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You hear a loud noise outside your window in the middle of the night, what do you do?
Probably sleep through it
Call a friend
Grab a bat and go investigate
Call the police
Wait a bit to see if you hear it again
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On a camping trip, one of your friends goes missing. What do you suggest?
Let's head back to the car and call for help
Y'all go look for her, and I'll wait in the tent
Eh, she's probably fine. Let's keep drinking
Let's split up and find her
Let's stick together and go looking for her
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You're at a remote cabin in the woods with friends and it's time to head to bed. Are you the one who
Remembers to lock the doors
Decides to sleep on the porch in a hammock
Laughs at the idea of locking the doors because who could possibly be around?
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You're in a haunted house, what are you most likely doing?
Pushing your terrified friend to the head of the group
Laughing at the 'bad guys.'
You don't go to haunted houses
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You're running from a predator in your house, where do you go?
None of these
I just keep running making sure not to trap myself
Two words: fetal position
Behind a curtain near the front door so I can escape
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6. You just got to a cabin with friends and spooky things are happening. What do you do?
Two words: fetal position
Convince everyone to stay, it's nothing
Suggest the group head home, this is freaky
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You're at a friend's for dinner and the group notices a HUGE spider, what happens next?
You kill it before anyone can blink
You tell everyone to chill, capture the spider, and take it outside
Your friends tell you to kill it!
You tell someone else to kill it
You run ' or assume the fetal position
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When you travel, do you:
Pack light and hope for the best
Pack for every situation.
Pack for most reasonable situations
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You're watching a scary movie with your significant other and during a particularly scary moment, a tree branch falls loudly outside. You:
Look up casually and wonder if there was damage
Clutch your partner's arm in fright.
Scream bloody murder and/or assume the fetal position.
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