How Long Would You Last If Zombies Attacked?
How long would you live?
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What is the best place to go for supplies?
Gun store
7 eleven
My Shed or house
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Where would hide out from the zombies?
Military Base.
The countryside
The city
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What food would you take?
canned foods
fish/ meat
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If Your friend had been bitten on the hand what would you do?
Throw him at some zombies, and use the distraction to move to another area.
Amputate the hand.
Dress his wound.
Shoot him in the head.
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If You were being chased by a horde of zombies and your friend tripped and fell what would you do?
Go back to help him.
Fire into the crowd of zombies in attemp to save him.
Run Run and Keep Running!
Fire And Run at the same time.
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You get bitten what do you do?
Wait till i turn.
amputate the body part.
Shoot myself.
tie myself to a chair
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