How lazy are you?
Take this quiz to know how lazy are you?
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What you think about this man?
If he's lazy such that, it'd better he don't need to eat.
Oh. He must be busy.
Great. Where did he buy that item? I want to have one too.
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If you are really tired and hungry, will you do this?
Wow brilliant! All fast food places should offer chairs while waiting in line.
That is a little too much, maybe she has a medical condition?
Hell no.
I would do the same if I am really tired, nothing wrong with that
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What do you think about this action?
Maybe she want to recall her childhood.
It's not bad.
I can't speak a word. What kind of mother does thing like that?
Great. It's funny.
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How do you feel when you see this lazy bird refused to fly with its own wings?
Great. That bird's so smart. Why fly when you can ride.
Lazy stupid bird, hope the eagle eats it for lunch
Little risky but that’s not a bad idea
That bird is brave. I would do the same if I were a bird.
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What do you think?
I's funny. This dog have to do some exercises.
What's wrong with him?
He's brilliant. If I have a dog I definitely try it.
Poor dog! It'd better it find a new owner. This one is too lazy to take care it.
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What do you think about this firefighter?
I'll fire him.
Maybe he's too tired and need to take a break.
What's wrong with that?
Good idea.
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If you see this car in the road, what do you think?
I do that sometimes when it's extremely cold outside.
OMG! Not only he is risking his lazy life but alo he might endanger the live of others.
The sun will melt the rest soon, just drive fast
Nothing wrong with that, he can see out of that hole.
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If that is your friend, what would you say when you see this?
I'll say nothing. By the way, I will never make friend with such a lazy person.
It's fun. I like it.
I should know earlier.
Great idea. Maybe I'll do it.
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What do you think?
What the hell is she doing?
Is that a challenge?
I can do it too. I usually do the same things.
How can she do like that without falling?
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If this is your dog, what would you do?
Waiting he finish and try a gain.
What a lazy dog! I'll take the food back.
Smart dog!
It's cute!
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