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How do you find the sin of an angle?
Adjacent over hypotenuse.
Opposite over hypotenuse.
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What is a 'while loop'?
A programming construct.
Something from an amusement park.
A grammar concept.
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What does it mean to 'break the fourth wall'?
An investing error.
Getting on someone's last nerve.
Looking the wrong place while talking.
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What is the difference between an artery and a vein?
Artery takes blood out of the heart, vein takes it in.
Artery takes blood into the heart, vein takes it out.
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What should you do when you drop your cell phone in water?
Use a hair dryer to blow it dry.
Dry it with paper towels and then turn it on to see if it still works.
Take the phone apart and dry it's insides.
Immediately dry it with a vacuum cleaner and then stick it in a bowl of rice.
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What is Constantinople now called?
Istanbul was Constantinople. Now it's Istanbul not Constantinople...
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What has a foot but no legs?
A ruler.
A pogo stick.
A shoe.
A sock.
A snail.
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Why can't a bear's nose be 12 inches?
Because then it would a foot.
Because that would just look silly.
Because with a 12-inch noise, just think how well it would be able to hunt and smell? It would become an unstoppable killing machine!
Because they're not genetically designed that way.
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What should you do if you're caught out in a thunder storm?
Look for shelter such as an overhanging rock, nearby house or a car.
Wait it out under a tree.
Remove anything metallic from off your person and lie prone on the ground and wait for it to pass over you.
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