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How do you find the sin of an angle?
Adjacent over hypotenuse.
Opposite over hypotenuse.
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What is a 'while loop'?
Something from an amusement park.
A grammar concept.
A programming construct.
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What does it mean to 'break the fourth wall'?
Getting on someone's last nerve.
An investing error.
Looking the wrong place while talking.
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What is the difference between an artery and a vein?
Artery takes blood out of the heart, vein takes it in.
Artery takes blood into the heart, vein takes it out.
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What should you do when you drop your cell phone in water?
Immediately dry it with a vacuum cleaner and then stick it in a bowl of rice.
Use a hair dryer to blow it dry.
Take the phone apart and dry it's insides.
Dry it with paper towels and then turn it on to see if it still works.
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What is Constantinople now called?
Istanbul was Constantinople. Now it's Istanbul not Constantinople...
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What has a foot but no legs?
A sock.
A shoe.
A ruler.
A pogo stick.
A snail.
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Why can't a bear's nose be 12 inches?
Because that would just look silly.
Because with a 12-inch noise, just think how well it would be able to hunt and smell? It would become an unstoppable killing machine!
Because then it would a foot.
Because they're not genetically designed that way.
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What should you do if you're caught out in a thunder storm?
Look for shelter such as an overhanging rock, nearby house or a car.
Remove anything metallic from off your person and lie prone on the ground and wait for it to pass over you.
Wait it out under a tree.
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