How Hot Are You?
We all think we're hot. But how hot are you, really?
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Do you hang around with 'hot' people?
I don't know! I guess some are, some aren't.
No, my friends are definitely not 'hot' people.
Of course! All my friends are hot.
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When does the party usually start?
Before I get there, or sometime afterwards, I guess!
What party?
When I walk in!
I hate parties.
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Do you regularly wear clothing that cuts off your circulation, leaves indentation marks on your skin, or is generally just too tight?
When I eat too much, maybe.
No, my clothes fit me perfectly, actually.
No, my clothes are all way too big for me.
Everyday. I'm wearing too tight clothing right now, actually!
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Do you have a certain practiced facial expression, smile or pose that you strike when people take your picture?
Somewhat, I guess--I always make an effort to look my best, if that's what you mean!
No, in fact, I always make the funniest or most horrible face I possibly can.
Yes, I have a repetoire of tried-and-true faces and positions that I've practiced and perfected in front of the mirror. Nothing is worse than a bad shot of you on the internet!
No, I try to stay out of pictures. I'm not that photogenic.
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Do people tend to notice you when you walk in a room?
I don't know.
Yes, I enjoy making an entrance.
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How many dates have you been on in the last six months?
At least a dozen.
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What's your sexiest feature? Choose one!
My lips.
Everything about me is sexy. :)
My legs.
I have no idea.
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If you were stranded on a deserted island, which of the following would you bring with you?
10 year's worth of issues of Cosmopolitan, Vogue, or GQ magazines.
Sunblock and a big hat.
A sizzling selection of sexy swimsuits, sunglasses, and tanning oil!
A collection of great classic literature.
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What's your favorite way to spend a day at the beach?
Listening to music and playing beach volleyball.
Tanning and checking out hot bods.
Reading under a beach umbrella and listening to the calming sounds of the sea.
Hunting for sand crabs and looking for shells, jellyfish, or other marine life.
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How many books, on average, do you read a year?
None--Unfortunately, I don't have much time for reading.
A few
I read a book a week, at least.
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Where were you last Saturday night, at 10:00pm?
At home, either in bed asleep, watching TV or reading a good book.
Having a late dinner with friends, a date, or my significant other.
Sitting at home, chatting on Messenger.
At a party or the club!
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Would you say you follow current fashion trends?
No, I would say that I start fashion trends.
Yes, I do.
Not really.
Not at all.
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What's your sign?
Scorpio, Libra or Leo.
Aries, Cancer or Taurus.
Capricorn, Sagittarius or Gemini.
Pisces, Aquarius or Virgo.
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Which of the following best describes what music you listen to?
Hip Hop, Rap, or Pop's Current Top 100 tracks.
Classic Rock, Jazz, or Classical.
Indie or Techno music.
I have an eclectic, hard to define taste in music.
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Your Tinder date is super hot, but doesn't seem to have much of a personality. What's your reaction?
I'll give it another date and see what happens. Maybe it's just nerves.
What is Tinder?
Arm candy equals relationship material!
This would never happen to me. I would have screened a date thoroughly before meeting him or her in public. I don't date people based on a cute picture.
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