How good are you at communicating?
The success depends on your level of communication. Do you want to know what level do your ability of communicate is in, take this quiz ...
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Prepare for a meeting, you are tasked to deliver reviews or ideas, what is your feeling?
Sometimes, you feel berserk; sometimes, you feel normal.
You feel normal
You feel berserk.
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When you are ill, at which time you are going to see a doctor?
You will go to see a doctor, immediately.
You will delay seeing a doctor until you are unable to bear.
Sometimes, you delay; sometimes, you feel anxious and go to see a doctor right away.
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At work, when you are assigned by your supervisor to do something , how is your reaction?
Sometimes, you do it.
You will find every right reason to get rid of this mission.
You accept the mission as part of your working duty.
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During your life, when you have joy or sadness how you will express it?
You never share with anyone.
You will share them with the people around you to reduce sadness or multiply happiness.
Sometimes, you share with other people, but sometimes you do not want to share with anyone.
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When walking on the street, a stranger comes and ask for you help, what would be your reaction?
You feel comfortable to help others, eventhough you do not know them.
Sometimes you feel uncomfortable, but sometimes you feel happy helping others.
You feel very uncomfortable.
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When a friend borrowed you something and it is time to have it back, but you receive no reply from your friend, forcing you to ask. How do you feel?
You feel afraid.
You feel normal.
Sometimes, you may feel afraid.
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When you face with a stranger,how will you feel in case of prolonged silence ?
Sometimes, you feel uncomfortable; sometimes, it is normal.
You feel normal.
You feel very uncomfortable.
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When you go to a hair salon which is very crowded and you have to wait, how will you act ?
Sometimes, you feel uncomfortable; sometimes, you feel normal.
You will go back home, since you don’t want to wait.
You feel that is normal.
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When you have something to tell your lover, how will you do?
Sometimes, you write a letter; but, sometimes, you prefer to speak with him or her.
You will write a letter to confide.
You just like to speak with him or her.
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In the company, when two of your partner are disagree, how will you act?
Sometimes, you engaged in mediation; sometimes, you re not.
You often ignore it because it has nothing happen to you.
You will actively participate in the mediation.
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