How Generous Are You?
Do you ever wonder where you land on the spectrum of generous to stingy? Take this simple quiz to find out where you belong!
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How much do you tip for good service?
Less than 15%
Often more than 20%
About 15%, give or take
20% almost all the time
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You're standing in a very long line and someone asks to skip to the front. You:
Let them go ahead, they're obviously in more of a hurry than you
Ask them why, and decide on a case-by-case basis
Say, 'Get to the back!,' they can wait like everyone else
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It's time to get the check at a big dinner party. You:
Calculate exactly what you ordered and pay exactly that
Split it evenly, it's the easiest way
Offer to pay! I love buying things for my friends
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A friend at work asks you to donate or volunteer at his fundraiser. You:
Do both! You're happy to help any good cause
Probably donate, depending on the cause
Say you'll think about it, but then probably not do either
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A homeless man on the street asks for money and you have a $5 bill. You:
Throw whatever spare change you have in there and keep the $5
Drop the bill in his cup. He needs it more than you
Keep walking, you gave change to a homeless guy last week
Keep walking and pretend he doesn't exist
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Your good friend asks to borrow $100. You:
Say you'll think about it, but then probably not give it to him
Ask why he needs it and most likely give it to him
Give it to him immediately, he's a friend
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You just won a free trip to the Bahamas! But you can't go. What do you do?
Exchange it for the cash prize, I want my money!
Sell it to a friend for super cheap
Give it to a friend or family member who deserves it
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What do you do with your old clothes?
Donate them to charity or a friend
I wear my clothes until they disintegrate
Throw them in the garbage, who cares?
Sell them if I can and donate the rest
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You ask your friend to buy you a lottery ticket and you win $1,000,000! You:
Buy them a really nice gift to say thanks
Give them 10% to say thanks
Keep it all for yourself, those were my winning numbers!
Split the winnings with them, they must have been good luck
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