How Flirty Are You?
9 simple questions to find out how flirty you are. It may surprise you a lot :).
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How do you your weekends?
At home with a book
Out with friends
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What is your reaction to a new coworker?
Watch him for awhile, then introduce yourself.
Strike up a conversation as soon as I can.
That depends on how good looking he is.
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Why do you flirt?
I don't.
Because I have to.
Because it's fun.
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If you had to wear one color, which would it be?
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What did you do for your last birthday?
Partied with the girls.
Hung out with family.
Had a romantic evening with my significant other.
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Pick an artist:
Taylor Swift
Christina Aguilera
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How do you feel about marriage?
Maybe it will happen someday.
Um...not thinking about that.
It's in my plan.
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What attracted you to your husband (or boyfriend)?
It's in my plan.
Maybe it will happen someday.
Um...not thinking about that.
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How would your friends describe you?
Quiet and Reserved
Thoughtful and Smart
Friendly and Fun
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