How Evil Is Your Cat?
Some people say that cats are pure evil. I strongly disagree with that. Only some cats are.
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How much does your cat give you a scary glare?
All the time
Only when I annoy it
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How many times does your cat scratch you while you play?
Never. My cat doesn't even play unless it's on a very long string
Every time. I'm starting to think it's not an accident.
Only when I put my hand too close
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How often does your cat stalk your feet?
. All the time. It's just a cat thing, right?
Never. It's always cuddling my feet.
About a quarter of the time my cat is actually awake
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Has your cat ever licked you?
No. It bit me.
It licks me nonstop.
I think it tried, but it's teeth got in the way.
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What is your cat doing right now? If you do not see your cat at the moment, what do you think it is doing.
It's curled up fast asleep on MY bed
It's being lazy like every cat does best
It's staring at me like that again
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How often does your cat have its claws unsheathed?
Only when it's stretching or threatened
All the time. Is that normal?
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What does your Cat like ?
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