How Does Your Mind Work?
If your mind better with numbers or with people?
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When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A dancer or actor
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How much time do you spend eating your breakfast every morning?
I like to start the day off right and take my time. It can take me 30 minutes or more.
10 to 30 minutes is typical.
I'm normally in a hurry. I try to eat it in 10 minutes or less.
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You find a mindless chore to be:
Something to actively avoid.
A good way to relax.
Boring but sometimes they've got to be done.
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Do you get along well with kids?
No. I don't understand kids and they don't understand me.
Only my own.
Yes. I've always been good at connecting with them.
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Which classic board game did you like best when you were little?
The Game of Life
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If you could visit one historical event from the past, what would it be?
The invention of the printing press.
The Reformation.
I think it would be more interesting to visit an important event from the future.
The discovery of fire.
Fall of the Berlin Wall.
The Boston Tea Party.
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How many languages do you know?
I speak several languages well.
I am bilingual.
I've studied a couple of languages but can only speak my own fluently.
Just my own.
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When you're cooking you tend to:
Clean anything I use as I go.
Leave the dishes until the morning.
Wait until after dinner to clean anything.
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Which animal would you rather be stuck on a desert island with?
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You take an instant dislike to someone you've just met. What do you do?
Try to analyze what I dislike about them and figure out if I'm being fair.
Give them the benefit of the doubt. They're probably really nice.
Trust my gut and try to avoid that person as much as possible.
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When you're considering making a major life decision, what do you do first?
Talk it over with friends or family.
Go for it! You only live once!
Try to figure out how I feel about the idea.
Make a pro/con list.
Sleep on it.
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You decide to write a novel set in a fantasy world. What's the first thing you do?
Create a language for the world.
Name the novel.
Create a plot outline.
Write out the world's history.
Draw a map for the world.
Decide on the characters.
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You and a co-worker aren't getting along. What do you do?
Talk to my boss.
Try to find something I like about the co-worker.
Avoid them as much as possible.
Ignore it. We don't have to like each other to work together.
Go out for a cup of coffee together and talk things through openly and honestly.
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Do you like it when a book makes you cry?
Yes. Sometimes a good cry is just what we need.
I don't cry at books.
No. I want to enjoy a book and if I'm crying, I'm not enjoying it.
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If someone belittles a hobby you love, what do you do?
Instantly debate the issue and point out why they're wrong.
Politely tell them that they're hurting your feelings.
Ignore it. I don't care what they think.
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You're invited to a party but aren't sure about the dress code. What do you wear?
Something casual. It's always better to be under-dressed.
Something with layers so I can adjust the outfit a bit depending on how I see others dressed.
Something fancy. It's always better to be over-dressed.
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Do you enjoy going out by yourself?
It depends where I'm going.
No. I'd rather stay home.
Yes. I can always enjoy my own company.
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If you could choose any language to be able to speak fluently (other than your own) what would it be?
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Were you ever a member of the debate team in school?
My school didn't have debate teams but I wish it did.
No. Debating has never interested me.
Yes and I loved it!
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Are you good at remembering names?
I'm horrible with names. I can meet someone several times and still forget what they're called.
I'm okay at remembering names of people once I have met them a few times.
Yes. I remember the names of everyone I meet.
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What's the longest commute you've ever had to do for work?
Half an hour to an hour.
Less then half an hour.
I've never had to commute.
Over an hour.
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