How Do Your Friends Perceive You?
9 simple questions to find out how your friends perceive you. Will you agree with the results?
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Do you truly believe that the way your friends perceive you is accurate?
I don't know
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If you were to describe yourself to your friends in just a few words, what would you say?
I am not that serious
I am forward-thinking
I am into trying new things
I am an observer
I am honest to a fault
I am a glass half-full kind of person
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What do you usually do while at a party?
Strike up a conversation with someone
Meet everyone and try to remember their names
Wait for someone to ask me to dance
Break the ice with a few jokes
Talk about people's outfits
See how much alcohol I can drink
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If you could have it anyway you like it, describe your ideal first date:
Coffee house--getting to know each other
Church--dreaming of wedding bells
Comedy club--laughing away our nervousness
Whatever--escaping our comfort zones
Church--dreaming of wedding bells
Quiet dinner--discussing what we want out of life
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Select the color that you are wearing the most of right now:
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Say you are going with one of your friends to speed dating, what would you wear?
Whatever's comfortable--Personality is more important than looks, right?
Revealing outfit and heels--I am meeting someone tonight!
Something eye-catching--You'll never have a dull moment with me!
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If you learned that a friend of yours lost his/her job, what would you say to him/her?
So, I'm guessing you're free for lunch tomorrow?
I'm sure you'll find another job in no time!
Well, you saved for a rainy day, right?
They did you a favor. You were never going to move up there
What is employment anyway? A form of slavery!
Why not start your own business?
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Which quality do you seek most in a mate and would break up if they did not possess it?
Sense of humor
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Select one of your favorite hobbies:
Watching TV
Playing games
Listening to music
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