How Do You Handle Stress?
Are you person who can reduce high pressure or who is defeated by pressure?
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When you go to the bed you…
It’s difficult to fall asleep. I have to read book, count sheep, do many thing before falling asleep
I can only sleep after reading news on my smartphone about 30 minutes
Fall asleep after few minutes
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When did you have a headache last?
Last week
I don't remember
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What do you feel before an important interview?
Confident and keep cool
I’m so worried that I can’t sleep
A little worry but I’m fine if I breathe deeply a few times
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How do you balance between work and life?
I’ll choose work because I always feel I haven’t time enough to do the both at the same time
I’ll things in parallel
I’ll prioritize doing the most important task first
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When something doesn’t happen as you want, you…
Going to the gym room or jogging to relieve
Review and learn from experience. Everyone can make a mistake
Venting my anger on my lover
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What is your bad habit?
Nail Biting
Being late to work
I’m too focus on my own busyness that forget other people around
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When I am sad or afraid I …
Keep it to myself
Have someone I can talk with
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When someone is in emotional distress and in need of comfort …
I am comfortable providing such comfort
I am uncomfortable providing such comfort
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