How Do You Handle Stress?
Are you person who can reduce high pressure or who is defeated by pressure?
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When you go to the bed you…
It’s difficult to fall asleep. I have to read book, count sheep, do many thing before falling asleep
I can only sleep after reading news on my smartphone about 30 minutes
Fall asleep after few minutes
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When did you have a headache last?
I don't remember
Last week
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What do you feel before an important interview?
A little worry but I’m fine if I breathe deeply a few times
Confident and keep cool
I’m so worried that I can’t sleep
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How do you balance between work and life?
I’ll choose work because I always feel I haven’t time enough to do the both at the same time
I’ll prioritize doing the most important task first
I’ll things in parallel
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When something doesn’t happen as you want, you…
Going to the gym room or jogging to relieve
Venting my anger on my lover
Review and learn from experience. Everyone can make a mistake
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What is your bad habit?
Being late to work
I’m too focus on my own busyness that forget other people around
Nail Biting
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When I am sad or afraid I …
Have someone I can talk with
Keep it to myself
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When someone is in emotional distress and in need of comfort …
I am comfortable providing such comfort
I am uncomfortable providing such comfort
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