How Do Men Perceive You?
Wanna know what man think about you? They think you're a future wife or just a buddy? Take this quiz to find out!
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On the first date, he give you an expensive present, what do you react?
Smile and accept the present without thinking
You refuse that present
You accept if you feel the date is good
Wonder what his intent is but you still accept
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You have just broken with your boyfriend and take a trip to release stress. In that trip, you …
Just stay inside your hotel's room and think about him
You spend your time to talk with the nice guys in that trip
Enjoy the quiet atmosphere of natural
Reading book and relax. I’m thinking about which guys will I date next?
Hang out every night. I want to meet new guys.
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Which of follow these do you want to be with your boyfriend?
On the beach
The place we have dated
Luxurious hotel
At home
On the mountain
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You came to a party but nobody in there knows you. You…
Stay your place and wait others come to talk with you first
Just come in and introduce yourself with people
Go around and watch what is happening in party
Come to talk to a few people
Ask an actress introduce you with some nice guys
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What does your day off look like?
Lying in the bed watching TV
Shopping and spa
Sleep! Sleep! Sleep!
Hit the town
Planning the upcoming week
Clean my house and cook a special meal for my family
Read my favorite book
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How do you react when you meet a cute guy?
I’ll do some innocent flirting
It depends
I automatically become obsessed
Who care!
He has to come to me first
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Which sports do you play?
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What do you do on Sunday without your boyfriend?
Sending him a nice massage with loving words and doing whatever you wanted.
Lying the bed and thinking about him
Going to market with my mom
Calling to my friends and planning to go out
Go out alone
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