How dirty-minded are you?
Find out just how dirty your mind is!
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Do you ever fantasize about strangers?
Never. They might be murderer.
That depends how does he/she look like.
All the time. I have a very vivid imagination.
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Every time you see the number 69. You think:
That's for tonight baby!
It's just a number.
I'm feeling very horny all of the sudden...
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What did you see?
Two girls
It takes me a few minutes to get right.
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If someone flashes their intimate parts in public. How do you react?
I love it!
You escape from that scene of decadence as fast as you can.
I am fascinated but act like I am outraged!
You join that person!
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What did you see
What's wrong with it.
* Flush *
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Your best friend tells you a saucy joke that involves a banana. You:
Haha good one! I never get tired of it...
That's getting old but laugh.
What the heck! Buy yourself a brain!
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Would you ever tell a dirty-joke to a co-worker?
Common, i just want make people laugh.
Sure, why not?
No way
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