How crazy are you?
Take this quiz to find out whether you are crazy?
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Are you introvert or extrovert?
2 / 9
Do you ever find you're talking to yourself?
Yes, all the time
Maybe a few times
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If you were an animal what would you be?
Lion or tiger
Anything that bites
A bird
4 / 9
Have you ever seen a ghost?
Yes, I have
I’ve got psychic power. So I can sense their presence
I saw something once that I can’t explain
No, I’m not superstitious
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Do you catch yourself offering unsolicited advice to complete strangers?
Well, they need the advice
No, that’s not me at all
I only do this on the internet
I’ve done this a few times
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What song do you want played at your funeral?
What a pointless question…
Something sad, but I don’t like thinking about my own funeral.
I’m not going to die, I’m immortal
I’m too young to die
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What do your friends think about you?
They say I’m a nut
They think I’m cool
They think I’m silly
They think I’m boring
8 / 9
Do you like walking in the rain?
I don’t like do that alone.
No. I’ll get cold.
I like it the most.
No. I could be struck by lightning.
9 / 9
Do you consider yourself crazy?
I think other people is weird and crazy
Yes, I do
Not really, sometimes maybe
No, I don’t
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