How Cool Are You?
Are you too cool for school, or are you. . . not?
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Do you notice that other people start to sort of dress like you after a while?
Oh yes. All the time. I could start wearing a garbage bag everyday and people would start copying me!
I don't care about fashion and I really don't pay attention to what other people wear.
Nobody dresses like I do. In fact, I like to look different from everyone else.
Yes, but that's because I pay attention to upcoming trends and styles, just like everyone else. Eventually everyone is wearing the same things.
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Transportation-wise, how do usually you get around on weekends?
I drive my car, and it's usually packed with friends and random people.
I walk everywhere.
I ride my bike.
It varies. My friends and I take turns driving, and sometimes we ride the subway, buses or take taxis to get places.
I don't have a car, so I get rides with friends.
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On your last birthday, how many people posted a happy birthday message to your Facebook wall?
Less than 50 people.
I don't use Facebook.
Over 150 people.
Over 50 people.
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Your upbringing can have a lot to do with how cool you are. Are your parents cool people?
They're not cool, but they're nice. We spend a lot of time hanging out together.
Yes! My parents are awesome. We get along great and my friends love them too.
I don't know, I don't have a relationship with my parents.
No. Not at all. They're totally uncool and I try my hardest to be nothing like them.
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Do you play any competitive sports?
I play a sport, but not very well. I'm not actually that athletic but I try to be.
No. I don't. I'm no good at sports and I'd rather be doing something else, anyway.
Why, yes. I play many sports very well and have been MVP for many teams over the years. Sports are a big part of my life.
Yes, I played a sport in school, and now I play for fun on weekends and weeknights.
Sports are a barbaric display of animalistic behavior, a remnant of our cruder evolutionary beginnings. No, I don't.
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Have you been told that you have a funny laugh?
No, people tell me I have a 'pretty' laugh.
No, I have a normal laugh.
Yes, I used to be bullied in part because of it.
I tend to snort when I laugh. So yes, lots of people have told me that.
Yes, apparently it's contagious.
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Do you have a pet?
Yes, a cat.
Yes--a horse, gerbil, ferret, rabbit, rodent, bird, pot-bellied pig, or reptile.
Yes, a dog.
Yes, something unusual or exotic.
No. I'm never home, I don't have time for pets.
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Which of the following is your idea of a good time?
Playing videogames with my best friends and ordering pizza.
Going club hopping with awesome friends and dancing all night long.
Hanging out with popular people at the house party of the coolest person I know.
Hanging out with the band, backstage, before, during and after a concert.
Something totally different than anything here.
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