How Clingy Are You In A Relationship?
Take this quiz to find exactly how clingy you are when it comes to someone who has your heart!
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How old are you?
Older than 50 years old
40-50 years old
30-40 years old
Younger than 30 years old
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In general, what's your day-to-day life like?
On-the-go & Busy
Laid-back & Easy-going
Always full of surprises!
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If your guy informs you he's going on a vacation with his friends this summer. You:
Enjoy the girl time and make plans to call each other every night.
Put up a fight - and text him nonstop when he's there.
I'll miss him but let him have his fun.
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You spot your boyfriend talking to a girl you've never seen before. What do you do?
Ask him about it later.
Shrug it off. No big deal.
Ask him straight up if he was flirting with her.
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You and your boyfriend just ended an amazing date. How soon after do you call/text him?
I always have to say goodnight to each other on the phone.
He'd probably call me the next day. About an hour.
Sometime the next afternoon.
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It's time to meet your boyfriend's friends! What do you do? Scope everyone out to see if there are any threatening girl to look out for.
Be myself!
Scope everyone out to see if there are any threatening girl to look out for.
Prepare by picking out an amazing outfit and brushing up on my jokes.
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Your boyfriend cancels his plans with you last minute. You automatically assume:
Something came up. At least that's what he said...
He's cheating. No question about it.
Nothing! He's not usually a flake, so you'll let this one slide.
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It's Friday night. What are your plans?
You've got dinner plans with your girls.
You'll call up your boyfriend and see if he wants to see a movie.
You wait by the phone for your boyfriend, hoping he asks you to hang.
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