How brave are you?
Are you brave or wimp? Take this quiz to find out!
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What would you do if you heard a noise in your house, late at night?
Shout who's there?
Peek out my bedroom door, to see what it is
Hide under my sheets
I run downstairs with a baseball bat
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Some kids are getting into a fight, do you help?
I break up the fight straight away
I tell them to stop
I turn the other way, and hope they haven't see me
I just look down and keep on walking
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How far would you go to avoid conflict?
I wouldn't go anywhere, I would just end the conflict
I would hide out for a few days
I would stand my ground
I would move to the North Pole
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Would you do the right thing, even if it meant trouble?
Trouble? What kind of trouble?
I always do the right thing
Maybe, but I doubt it
If it's the right thing, then it has to be done, no matter what kind of trouble
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You are walking home late at night, which route do you take?
I walk down the well lit streets
I call someone to pick me up
I take a shortcut, through the graveyard
I walk on the country roads, where there are no lights
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You’re in a haunted house with friends. You…
Make yourself at home
Pee your pants
Lead the way
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Would you walk across this janky bridge?
It's so cool. I like it.
No way!
Yes. I'll try.
I don't think so
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Would you go in to basement room alone?
Sure. Why not?
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If you met your enemy who is stronger so much than you , what would you do?
Beg him not hurting you
Run a way
Facing with him anyway
Facing and finding his weakness. I'll try my best to win.
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