does your crush like you?
You like someone and you dont know if he like you too? Take this quiz and find out! Good luck!
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Do you often catch him staring at you?
Not really!
Look at me? We never even talk!
Once or twice...most of the time! It's just like a glance. Actually, he was looking at the girl next to me!
Yes! All the time!
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How often do the two of you talk?
He says mean and hurtful things to me.
Occasionally! Like for homework help and stuff.
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When you and him talk does he make eye contact?
No! He never does!
I think so! He looks at me then away fast!
Yes! He does all the time!
Sometimes! Only when we are alone!
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How does he treat you when you're talking?
He jokes around with me, gives me high fives, and sometimes touches me!
He stutters a lot and looks kinda nervous
He just treats me like one of the guys
Talking? NEVER!
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Does he blush a little bit when he looks at you?
I think so! But I’m not sure he turns away!
YES! Always he blushes when we talk, or sit next to each other!
NO! He never blushes!
Kinda! It’s a little pink! But he turns away with some pink!
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Does he ever stand up for you?
No! He never does!
Sometimes! Only when I need it!
Kinda! When he sees I’m down!
Yes! He does!
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Does he treat you just like others or not?
Not at all.
Yes. He always specially note to me.
No, he even don't remember my name.
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If he sees you somewhere what does he do?
He walks by you he wants you to notice him!
Walks over to you and starts a long conversation
Smiles and waves at you
Nothing! He probably doesn't even notice me!
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