does your crush like you?
You like someone and you dont know if he like you too? Take this quiz and find out! Good luck!
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Do you often catch him staring at you?
Yes! All the time!
Once or twice...most of the time! It's just like a glance. Actually, he was looking at the girl next to me!
Not really!
Look at me? We never even talk!
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How often do the two of you talk?
Occasionally! Like for homework help and stuff.
He says mean and hurtful things to me.
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When you and him talk does he make eye contact?
I think so! He looks at me then away fast!
Sometimes! Only when we are alone!
Yes! He does all the time!
No! He never does!
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How does he treat you when you're talking?
He stutters a lot and looks kinda nervous
He just treats me like one of the guys
He jokes around with me, gives me high fives, and sometimes touches me!
Talking? NEVER!
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Does he blush a little bit when he looks at you?
Kinda! It’s a little pink! But he turns away with some pink!
YES! Always he blushes when we talk, or sit next to each other!
NO! He never blushes!
I think so! But I’m not sure he turns away!
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Does he ever stand up for you?
Yes! He does!
Kinda! When he sees I’m down!
No! He never does!
Sometimes! Only when I need it!
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Does he treat you just like others or not?
No, he even don't remember my name.
Yes. He always specially note to me.
Not at all.
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If he sees you somewhere what does he do?
Smiles and waves at you
Nothing! He probably doesn't even notice me!
He walks by you he wants you to notice him!
Walks over to you and starts a long conversation
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