Does Your Best Guy Friend Like You?
Here it is! The test that tells you if your guy friend likes you! Take the questions and find out if your best guy friend likes you for more than a friend! For girls only, so if you are a guy taking this test, I really think you should take a guy test after this one!Have fun!
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Do you like this guy?
Of course! He's my best friend!
Sure! He's like a brother to me!
Duh! I'm totally in love with him and would marry him if I could!
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When you guys are out, like at the beach, does he like being alone with you or with his friends/family?
He only likes being with me when there is no one else to be with. I'm like his bit on the side!
He likes being with me and his friends/family!
He just likes being with his friends and family. He'd rather DIE than be seen with me at the beach!
He is like glued to me! I couldn't get rid of him if I wanted to!
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Does anyone ever tell you that he likes you, and if so who?
Nope. And that's how it's staying.
I wish! He classes me a friend and no more!
Yes! All the time! His friends, family, guys and gals from school! EVERYONE!
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What is his relationship status?
Single, and I'm determined to be his next girlfriend!
He's single!
He's got a girlfriend. They're happy together.
You know, I actually couldn't say...
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What does his smile look like to you?
We smirk and then we laugh.
His face gets so twisted when he sees me...
A few cheap grins and once in a while this beautiful heart-felt smile...
A cheap grin. It's adorable, really.
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How about talking through electronics (cell phone calls, texting, Facebook, etc.)?
Every day, 24/7, as much as humanly possible. I would stay up all night waiting for him to text back.
We never have.
Every couple of days.
Nearly every day/every day.
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How well does he know you?
He knows me inside and out, and I would tell him anything he wanted to know.
He knows more than a few things about me, but not a ton.
He knows a few things about me.
To be honest, not very well at all.
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