Do You Think Like A Child or an Adult?
How childlike are you?
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How well do you know the stars?
I don't really know them and I don't often look at them.
I love looking at them through a telescope and know many of the star names.
I don't know them, but I love looking at them.
I know most of the major constellations.
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Do you ever wear t-shirts with a band's name on it?
I may have one or two, but only because I think the shirt looks good, I don't necessarily like the bands.
No. I think that looks tacky.
I only wear a couple of my very favorite bands.
Yes. Music is very important to me and I love shirts that reflects that.
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You're at a party where you don't know anyone. What do you do?
Find some people who look nice and start chatting. It's never a bad time to make new friends!
Make small talk with a few people until I can safely leave.
Hang out in the corner and text my best friend.
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What do you do when you get a great idea for a new project?
Instantly start working on it.
Talk it over with someone close to see what they think about it.
Spend time carefully thinking it through.
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You're late for work and someone stops you in the street to ask you for directions. What do you do?
Give them detailed directions so they'll be sure to find their way.
Give them rough directions that won't take too long but should point them in the right way.
Apologize, tell them I'm in a hurry and leave.
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If you're reading a book you don't like, how likely are you to stop it?
I'll try and keep reading, but I'll probably go very slowly.
I will definitely stop it. I read for entertainment and if I'm not enjoy myself, why continue reading?
I never stop a book once I've started it.
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It's Monday morning and your alarm clock wakes you up. How do you feel?
Sleepy. I had a long, fun weekend and I want more sleep.
Grumpy. I hate Mondays.
Excited! What will the new week bring?
Resigned. I know I have to get up and go to work even though I'd rather stay in bed.
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Do you trust your instincts?
No, they've been wrong too many times.
I listen to them and take them into account but I never make a decision based solely on them.
Always. They never lead me wrong.
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How well do you sleep at night?
I sleep like a baby.
I wake up a lot during the night.
Pretty good. But I dream a lot.
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Is the glass half full or half empty?
What does it matter?
Half empty.
Half full.
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