Do You Like Horror Movies?
Do you like creepy crawlies that go bump in the night?
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Has anyone ever called you superstitious?
Maybe. I'll sometimes do something superstitious but it's only out of habit, I don't really believe in it.
No. Superstition is silly.
Yes. I'm scared of Friday the 13th, black cats and I'll never walk under a ladder.
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Have you ever seen a scary movie in theaters?
Maybe once or twice.
Yes. I go all the time.
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What do you find scariest?
The Slender Man.
Serial Killers.
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When you were little, did you enjoy telling ghost stories with your friends?
I never had much of a chance to do it, but the few times we did I remember enjoying it.
Yes! There's nothing like ghost stories around a camp fire! They were always very spooky.
Yes, but they tended to be more funny than scary.
No. I've never liked being scared.
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Do you enjoy reading horror books?
Yes! I devour them!
I read them very occasionally but I never find them very scary.
I do enjoy reading them sometimes.
No. I have no interest in the horror genre.
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When you watch horror movies, do you always turn off the lights?
Of course! Is there any other way to watch them?
No! I wouldn't be caught dead turning off the lights!
Sometimes. It depends on how scary the movie is.
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When you were little, did you enjoy watching cartoons that you found scary?
Sometimes, but not usually.
Often, yes!
No, I never watched scary cartoons.
I would sometimes watch them for the sake of the story, but I never really liked the scary parts.
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When watching a horror movie, do you ever shout warnings at the characters?
Only when the movie is really, really good.
No, I prefer to just watch the movie.
I'm too busy hiding under the blankets.
Do not split up! DO NOT SPLIT UP! How hard is that???...sorry, what was the question?
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Do you ever have trouble sleeping after watching a horror film?
Every time.
No, never.
Only if it's very, very scary.
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