Do You Like Horror Movies?
Do you like creepy crawlies that go bump in the night?
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Has anyone ever called you superstitious?
Maybe. I'll sometimes do something superstitious but it's only out of habit, I don't really believe in it.
No. Superstition is silly.
Yes. I'm scared of Friday the 13th, black cats and I'll never walk under a ladder.
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Have you ever seen a scary movie in theaters?
Yes. I go all the time.
Maybe once or twice.
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What do you find scariest?
Serial Killers.
The Slender Man.
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When you were little, did you enjoy telling ghost stories with your friends?
No. I've never liked being scared.
Yes! There's nothing like ghost stories around a camp fire! They were always very spooky.
Yes, but they tended to be more funny than scary.
I never had much of a chance to do it, but the few times we did I remember enjoying it.
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Do you enjoy reading horror books?
Yes! I devour them!
No. I have no interest in the horror genre.
I do enjoy reading them sometimes.
I read them very occasionally but I never find them very scary.
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When you watch horror movies, do you always turn off the lights?
No! I wouldn't be caught dead turning off the lights!
Sometimes. It depends on how scary the movie is.
Of course! Is there any other way to watch them?
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When you were little, did you enjoy watching cartoons that you found scary?
Sometimes, but not usually.
Often, yes!
No, I never watched scary cartoons.
I would sometimes watch them for the sake of the story, but I never really liked the scary parts.
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When watching a horror movie, do you ever shout warnings at the characters?
Only when the movie is really, really good.
I'm too busy hiding under the blankets.
Do not split up! DO NOT SPLIT UP! How hard is that???...sorry, what was the question?
No, I prefer to just watch the movie.
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Do you ever have trouble sleeping after watching a horror film?
Only if it's very, very scary.
No, never.
Every time.
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