Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Millionaire?
Take this quiz to find out your chances of becoming a millionaire.
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“Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” Do you agree or disagree?
I agree 110%.
That statement is total bunk. Luck is total chance. How can you prepare to win the lottery? Or to be born beautiful?
There is some truth to that statement but sometimes things are truly beyond a person’s control.
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When you ask for something from someone and their response is “no,” what do you do?
Burst into tears.
Immediately ask someone else.
Wait a day or two and then ask the same person again. Maybe they’ll say yes this time.
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The most important quality in a business partner is
A charming personality.
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How much sleep do you need?
I usually get 8 hours, as recommended by my physician and my astrologer.
6 hours a day. And at least another 6 hours at night.
Not much. About 4 hours a night.
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What’s more important – an idea or its execution?
Both are equally important.
I don’t believe in capital punishment.
The idea, of course.
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When it comes to books, my favourite genre is:
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The multinational soft-drinks companies are run by…
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A great product…
Costs about one dollar and everyone on the planet would buy it in a heartbeat.
Depends on who you want to sell it to.
Will change the world.
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I can’t live without…
You, baby. I’m never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around…
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