Do you have leadership qualities?
It’s not like everybody have leadership qualities. In fact, just few of us have it. Do you want to know you are in that group? Take this quiz and find out.
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You are in a fight, your territory is ambushed. You…
Retreat to the safest place, seek the help of allies and then think about coming back to the territory.
Cream! Appeal to comrade act together before being captured by enemy.
Move back to a secret way which only you know it and trust fate.
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If you was caption of a football team/ volleyball team, and your team is losing, what would you do to maintain team spirit?
You show a bothersome face to them so they’ll try harder.
Cheer up team to try their best, result is still ahead.
“It’s ok. We’re not weak but opposing team is so strong” you said the true.
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If a person older than you said what you do is "immaturity" and gave you some advice, you will:
Follow what he said, because he have experienced and known that matters more than me.
If I like I’ll follow, if not I’ll ignore it.
The young people have their own way. Why do I have to follow him?
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You almost end of your term (in Club, group…) and you need to hand over your position to the other, which one do you chose?
Have talent but not ingratiating.
Norman person but have good personality.
Have attractive ability the crowd.
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You are charged an important project, and an important part of project may be not finished on time. You:
Stop that project immediately. Don’t want to waste time on things that was broken
Find a new chance.
Try to find someone’s help.
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There’s a person in your group that you don’t like him or her. At the meeting of group, you and that one come early. You:
Ask him or her some questions.
Ignore him or her. I don’t want to talk with person that I don’t like.
c. Waiting other come and talk with them later.
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Your close friend has just bought a new dress that you really like and you prepare to buy. You’ll still buy it or not?
Blame myself because of delaying to buy it.
Still buy because I like it, I don’t care who had bought it.
"We dressed pair, like two sisters, okay" – You said to your friend.
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Most of people in your room like blue color, but you like red. They intend to decorate the room with blue color is major.
Let them do that. But your working corner, you still paint it full of red color.
Need a talk to all remember talk their wishes.
Need a talk to all remember talk their wishes.
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You usually read and see popular recreational web, your boyfriend said that’s nonsense and waste time.
Invite him to read with you and to tell him how fun is it.
Won’t read it because you don’t like he judge your point.
Say to him that you won’t read it anymore, but actually you still read it behind him.
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There was a competition to vote the favorite manager in your company, some of them want your vote so invited you to go to dinner. You...
Fine, have other’s affection through stomach is good. You’ll vote for person who is the most generous.
You refuse their invite ingeniously. You have your own point.
This trick is too bored. Nothing is free, I won’t participate in this.
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