Do you have baby fever?
Ever wonder if you're not only in the midst of baby fever, but if you're ready for a baby -- as in full on ready to plunge into motherhood?
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How often do you daydream about babies?
Not often enough -- usually once a day.
A lot. I'm not obsessive but let's just say a lot.
Does 24/7 count?
Only when I see a cutie patootie in a stroller or out and about.
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What is your social support system like?
Does an apple martini and vodka count as social support?
It's pretty good. I have a few relatives and friends in the vicinity.
What system? It's me and me only.
Darn good! I have an abundance of reliable people to count on.
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What does the thought of being a mother and being responsible for another human being feel like?
Beyond nervous.
Pure bliss.
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In the past six months how many times have you voluntarily babysat your relatives or friends kids just to be around children?
About two to five.
Zip. Zilch. Nada.
About five to ten.
Every chance I get
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How many times have you read a parenting magazine in the past six months just for fun?
About three times.
About once.
Six times, silly. One issue each month!
Heck, never.
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Have you considered what your parenting style will be?
Oh yeah, every single day.
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Can you picture yourself as a mother?
Most definitely
Not really, now that I think about it.
Picture it? I have a vision board plastered in my bedroom!
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