Could you be a Spy?
Do you have what it take to be a spy? Take this quiz to find out!
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You are at a public park and your target walks in. You have to kill him there, but with what?
Gun silencer
Why would I kill him!
Put that poison dart you've been waiting to use in your shoe, accidentally step on his foot.
Blowgun, cleverly disguised as a cigar
No way. I can’t kill anyone even if it’s an ant.
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Oh no! The enemies know where you live and have just busted your front door down. What do you do?
Hide in my closet.
I planned for this situation. Don’t worry.
Pull out my gun and... BANGBANGBANG! I'm done. I think I'll have some pasta.
Quietly slip out the back door and... RUN FORREST RUN!
Fighting until my last breath
Sit on the ground and cry like a baby. Noooo! It can't end this way!
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Do you work alone, or with?
Maybe. I haven't decided.
Just me is enough. I don't need anybody else.
With. We can support each other
That depends the situation
With.... I need something to sacrifice for my well being!
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No good spy would be uncomfortable with killing someone for the greater good, but that doesn't mean you should be a homicidal maniac. What about you?
I would rather not, but I could.
I will if I have to.
Mommy told me to never kill
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Do you like flower?
What does this have to do with the quiz?
Yeah, I love it!
No. I hate it.
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What is your favorite color?
Bright colors
I like darker colors
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Do you like to stand out in a crowd?
Yes, but only needed
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If it came down to you, or you’re spying partner being killed, who would die first?
It depends. Who are we talking about?
Her/Him. I’m too young to die!
I would gladly sacrifice my life for someone. ( Me: So brave...)
Them. I’m living whether you like or not!
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Someone enters the house. What weapon do you grab in the next point five seconds?
A spoon! (What? :o)
Shampoo! I'll squirt it on the floor and in his face!
Dagger… you’re going down!
Of course, gun.
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You have to hide somewhere, because there is a psychopath in your house. Where do you hide?
Behind the curtains!
Are you kidding me? I haven’t to hide. He dead for sure.
In the closet!
Under the bed!
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