Could you be a Spy?
Do you have what it take to be a spy? Take this quiz to find out!
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You are at a public park and your target walks in. You have to kill him there, but with what?
Put that poison dart you've been waiting to use in your shoe, accidentally step on his foot.
Blowgun, cleverly disguised as a cigar
Gun silencer
No way. I can’t kill anyone even if it’s an ant.
Why would I kill him!
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Oh no! The enemies know where you live and have just busted your front door down. What do you do?
Sit on the ground and cry like a baby. Noooo! It can't end this way!
Fighting until my last breath
Hide in my closet.
Pull out my gun and... BANGBANGBANG! I'm done. I think I'll have some pasta.
I planned for this situation. Don’t worry.
Quietly slip out the back door and... RUN FORREST RUN!
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Do you work alone, or with?
Maybe. I haven't decided.
Just me is enough. I don't need anybody else.
That depends the situation
With. We can support each other
With.... I need something to sacrifice for my well being!
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No good spy would be uncomfortable with killing someone for the greater good, but that doesn't mean you should be a homicidal maniac. What about you?
I will if I have to.
Mommy told me to never kill
I would rather not, but I could.
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Do you like flower?
What does this have to do with the quiz?
Yeah, I love it!
No. I hate it.
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What is your favorite color?
I like darker colors
Bright colors
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Do you like to stand out in a crowd?
Yes, but only needed
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If it came down to you, or you’re spying partner being killed, who would die first?
It depends. Who are we talking about?
I would gladly sacrifice my life for someone. ( Me: So brave...)
Her/Him. I’m too young to die!
Them. I’m living whether you like or not!
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Someone enters the house. What weapon do you grab in the next point five seconds?
Shampoo! I'll squirt it on the floor and in his face!
A spoon! (What? :o)
Of course, gun.
Dagger… you’re going down!
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You have to hide somewhere, because there is a psychopath in your house. Where do you hide?
Under the bed!
Are you kidding me? I haven’t to hide. He dead for sure.
In the closet!
Behind the curtains!
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