Can I Guess Your Sign?
Capricorn? Aquarius? Pisces? Aries? Taurus? Gemini? Cancer? Leo? Virgo? Libra? Scorpio? Sagittarius? I bet I can guess ;)
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How would you describe yourself?
I'm faithful, impatient, generous optimistic, blunt, and enthusiastic.
I'm dependable, practical, loving patient, warm hearted, and reliable. Sometimes stubborn.
I'm competent, intelligent, rational, and picky. I'm also a perfectionist and I love to be adored.
I'm expressive, curious, versatile, witty, and adaptable. Somtimes pessimistic.
I'm generous, loyal, creative, optimistic, boastful, and confident. I love being the center of attention.
I'm sensitive, romantic, lazy, emotional, shy, and sympathetic. Sometimes emotional.
I'm loyal, caring, devoted, sociable, cooperative, and somtimes indecisive. I'm very trusting but sometimes possessive.
I'm compassionate, adaptable, devoted, and imaginative. Sometimes oversensitive.
I'm responsible, patient, ambitious, resourceful and loyal. Sometimes conceited.
I'm Witty, Clever, A Humanitarian, Inventive, Original. Sometimes unemotional.
I'm motivated, passionate, intuitive, temperamental, clever, sarcastic, and I can be suspicious. I love money.
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How do you feel about friendship?
I don't expect anything in return, when helping out a friend. I love making people laugh and cheering people up.
I always look out for my friends with care and generosity. I will always protect and encourage them.
I'm the strong friend. I'm always there to help, always sympathetic, caring, and will never fail to help a friend in need.
I'm extremely loyal to those who support and appreciate me. I will protect and cherish my friends forever. I never fail to make others feel good about themselves and feel loved.
I make friends with people from all walks of life. I'm great at getting along with people. I'm all about partnership and groups.
I will go out of my way to help a friend. I'm extremely sensitive and loyal towards them. I'll take my friends problem and make it my own and suffer with them.
I have the ability to lift peoples spirits up and provide encouragement when times are rough. I'm a social butterfly.
I'm a very exciting friend. I like to leave my mark on everyone I meet. I love meeting new people.
I give off a kind and positive vibe towards my friends. I will do anything to keep my friends happy. I'm never possessive or jealous and I never like to interfere with plans.
I have few close friends. I treat my friends like family and I'm fiercely loyal and dependable. I love to be the host or hostess.
I'm a truthful, loyal and dependent friend. I can read people very easily.
I like to gain respect and trust with my friends. I also can be a possessive and jealous friend.
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How do you feel about work?
Being self motivated, I'm an intense worker and I strive to be the best at working. I can't take losing.
I like a job that will stimulate my intellect, while also giving me a chance to communicate with others. I need variety, harmony, and a regular exchange of ideas.
I like to make difference to an assignment or project. I can be very opinionated about it.
I like to lead. I make a good team to work with, because together we'll never lose.
I want to make a career where I can live my dream!
I'm very sincere about my work. I'm hard-working and I seek perfection in my work.
I value both the quality of friendship and work. Work is a place for me to expand my social network.
I'm a steady worker. I make sure that work is being done the way its supposed to be done.
I don't really feel comfortable being the leader or staying in one place. I like to communicate and travel.
I have a sense of duty and work diligently for what I have. I'm a very hard working person and I'm willing to work long and hard even if it takes years for me to achieve my goal, security, success and control.
I don't like to follow traditional methods of work. I tend to make my own work ethics.
I am a workaholic! I may not be the fastest worker, but I get things done..and then some. I'm also highly cooperative.
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When is your birthday?
February 19- March 20
May 22- June 21
July 23- August 22
March 21- April 20
June 22- July 22
November 23- December 21
September 23- October 23
April 21- May 21
October 24- November 22
January 21- February 18
December 22- January 20
August 23- September 22
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How do you feel about love?
I believe in the the power of passion, total abandon, raw energy and sensual pleasure.
I believe in upfront honesty. Love is to know and to communicate.
I give sincerity and I have the ability to take on (and carry on) responsibilities and provide for material comforts. To me, love is wisdom and stability.
I give tenderness, devotion and sensitivity. I believe in quality of caring and nurturing.
I believe that love is sacred, virginal and pure, and ought to be treated with respect
I give the ability to appreciate and internalize the concepts of balance, aesthetics and beauty.
I give solidarity in love and I have the ability to be a material security net.
I give awareness and intellectual stimulation. I also give versatility, readiness for experimentation and open-mindedness to my lover.
I have great faith in the power of self and of love. I have the ability to love oneself, and to remain ecstatic when in love.
I believe love is innocence, action-orientation and optimism.
I believe that love is faith, love is dreamy and love is compassion.
I give the ability to bear, to tolerate and keep smiling with my partner.
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