Are You Wise?
Are you wise? Find out with nine simple questions!
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Which was most important in school?
Good grades
Lots of friends
Good character
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How would you describe your group of friend?
I have many acquaintances and few friends.
I don't have friends.
I have a lot of friends but not many close ones.
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Do you study people?
Yes, often
Not really
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Which is most important?
It depends
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Which bothers you more?
Someone lying about you.
Someone being unfair to you.
Someone lying to you.
Being ignored.
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How hard of a worker are you?
I usually work pretty hard.
I don't work very hard.
I always work hard.
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Do you believe the ends justify the means?
It depends
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How practical are you?
Not very.
I am extremely practical.
I think I am pretty practical.
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How trusting are you?
I only trust someone if they earn my trust.
I trust no one.
Too trusting.
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