Are You Ruled By Your Head Or Your Heart?
Everyone has an intricate thought process that tells them how to feel and how to act. But whether that thought process is more logical or emotional is different for everyone. Which one are you ruled by, your head or your heart? Take this quiz to find out!
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It's a lazy Saturday night, and you're in the mood to stay in and watch a movie. What kind of movie do you choose?
An award-winning, thought-provoking documentary.
A cheesy, feel-good romantic comedy.
A thrilling action movie with lots of special effects!
A suspenseful courtroom drama.
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A lazy Saturday requires takeout. What kind of takeout are you going to order?
I'll have my usual: hot, cheesy, delicious pizza.
Can't go wrong with Chinese!
A crisp, healthy, scrumptious green salad.
Hmm' good question. I think I'll go with South Indian cuisine this time.
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Your best friend at work was suddenly fired for no apparent reason. How do you react?
I immediately offer to help my friend update her LinkedIn resume and start searching for new opportunities.
Evaluate my friend's actions prior to her dismissal. There's got to be a valid reason, and I'll be darned if I make the same mistake!
I storm into my boss's office and demand an explanation, getting myself fired right along with my friend.
I have a heartfelt conversation with my friend, and start badmouthing the entire company. It's not fair, the way they treat people!
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You just bought a gorgeous (and pricy) sweater at an expensive store. What was your reasoning behind the purchase?
It's made with high quality materials, and I'm going to be wearing it every winter for the next fifteen years.
I convinced myself that I deserved to own that sweater, and I bought it. Now, I regret it. It's going back to the store tomorrow.
The sweater fit perfectly and makes me feel amazing, so I bought it. It really wasn't a hard decision to make.
I thought about it for exactly half a second, and then I decided not to buy it. I can't afford to buy something that expensive, especially since I didn't need it.
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You're watching your child give a brilliant performance in a school play. What are you thinking?
They are doing really great out there. I'll have a talk with their teacher after this and make sure they're doing well in other areas, too.
I'm choking back my tears, and I feel like my heart is going to explode right out of my chest! I'm so proud! I can't wait to give them a big hug and a kiss and tell them I love him!
First thing in the morning, I'm researching child talent agencies and sending in their headshot. My child is going to be a star! This is so exciting!
Not bad. Those great acting skills will be very useful for a career in law, or in business.
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You're driving to work on a busy freeway during rush hour, and some guy just cut you off. How do you react?
I honk at the driver so that he knows he made a mistake, and then continue on my way. Nothing terrible happened' it is not really a big deal.
I don't react' what's the point? The guy is gone. I'll make sure to be more careful to watch out for idiot drivers in the future.
I honk at him angrily and flip him off, yelling obscenities out the window. That moron just ruined my morning.
I honk the horn repeatedly and give him an angry glare. How can some people be such idiots?
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Do you believe in love at first sight?
I'll believe in love at first sight if it happens to me. Until then, I think it's ridiculous.
I think it's possible, but it hasn't happened to me yet.
Oh, yes! Of course I do!
Are you kidding? Love at first sight? That's for the insane.
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Are you religious?
Yes! I am very religious.
I don't go to church, but I consider myself religious.
No. I'm a true blue Atheist.
I am still deciding whether I am or whether I'm not.
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You've just won a trip to one of these destinations. Where are you going?
A lovely cabin in the snowy mountains. Fresh air and solitude are all I need to enjoy myself.
Las Vegas! Time to hit the slots!
I'm going to wine country! There's nothing more amazing than tasting wines and dining in five-star restaurants.
The beach! I can't wait to smell that ocean air, sink my feet into the sand and let the crashing waves lull me to sleep at night.
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