Are you ready to get married?
Most of us have dreamed about it. We wish have a perfect wedding with a perfect man. But are you sure you're really ready for marriage? Take this quiz to find out.
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Have you ever thought about your own family with a husband and your children?
Many many times.
Never. I'm still young and i want to enjoy my freedom life.
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what do you think about joint asset ownership?
I don't have asset.
No problem if we have a clear agreement.
Never. You should your asset.
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Your boyfriend addicts coffee but you hate that smell. If you were hugging each other, he want to kiss you but you smell coffee. You ....
Give him a mint gum.
Ignore it and kiss him.
Feel annoyed and leave.
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His house was an empty room. He intends to turn it into a miniature office after marriage but you want to decorate it as a place to watch movies, a party, or the new space of two when you feel bored of your bedroom sleep. How would you fight?
You must hang up your picture of both you guys and decorate commemorative things anyway
Tell with his parents and ask for help.
Forced to accept it.
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How much do you know about his childhood and his education process?
I don't care. I just care about him now.
I saw his album's family so a know a little bit.
I know him well because i usually ask him or hear from his mother.
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He tell you that the relationship between him and his mother is not good. You think...
I don't mind so much. After marriage i will think.
Tell with your best friend and ask her to get some advice.
You' re worry and buy book about family in-Law relationship, tips for being a good wife, good mum.
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He is sick and must takes sick leave. Would you come to visit him?
Cook rice porridge, buy fruits, do anything to make him happy.
Come to see him everyday.
Yes, if he have to go to the hospital. If not, i just call to him.
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