Are you ready for a relationship?
You are ready for a relationship or should wait for a while to begin a serious relationship? Take this quiz to find out.
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How would you describe your relationship status at the moment?
Happily single
On the hunt
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Have you ever been in a long-term relationship?
No. I’ve not been in any sort of serious relationship before
Yes. I’m not the sort of person who has a lot of short-term flings
No. I’ve had relationships before, but they’ve all been quite short
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What do you think is the most important thing in a relationship?
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Do you have a crush to someone at the moment?
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Have you ever tried to find a partner online?
Yes, but I didn’t have much luck
Yes, and it worked quite well
No, I don’t think I would ever try online dating
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What is the first thing you notice about someone?
Their body
Their smile
Their eyes
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What is important to you when you decide to begin a serious relationship?
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Have you got your own set of dating rules?
Yes, I only go out with people that can make me laugh
No, I prefer to just see how things develop
Yes, we’ve got to look good together
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Do you think men and women can really just a friend?
Of course, sometimes you’re just not attracted to each other
No, I think there is always something going on under the surface
Maybe, but I’ve been able to do it
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You and your partner strongly disagree about something, what is your react?
Try to find a compromise
Argue until they admit that you’re right
Stop the discussion, because there really isn’t any point.
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How often do you think about your ex?
A lot
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