Are you more weekday or weekend?
Take this quiz to find out!
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How do you feel about Monday?
It doesn’t bother me at all
Wishing today was friday
It’s the same as any other day
OMG! No! It's Monday again.
Bring it on!
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How do you relax when life gets stressful?
Take a few deep breaths
Drink some tea/coffee
Do Yoga
Go for run
Eat some chocolate
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What’s your perfect Friday night?
Bed by nine
Game night
Netflix and chill
A fancy dinner
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How much sleep do you get on weekdays?
5-6 Hours
More than 8
7-8 Hours
3-4 Hours
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What about on weekend?
5-6 Hours
7-8 Hours
3-4 Hours
More than 8
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How do you have your breakfast?
Any thing that I can get on my way to work
Coffee and bread
Just coffee
A hot dog
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Do you often work in the weekend?
Gather with my friends
Still working
I spend my time with family
Just relax
Take a trip
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