Are You More Like Your Mother Or Your Father?
Which of your parents do you take after?
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Which would you rather be in charge of:
The bills
Small repairs around the house
The laundry
All of the above
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When do you do file your taxes?
The month they're due.
As soon as possible.
A couple of months before they're due.
A week before they're due.
I don't file taxes.
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What do you normally eat for lunch?
I normally skip lunch.
A sandwich.
A salad.
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How often do you call your parents?
Once a week at the least.
Every few weeks.
When I feel like it.
Every month or so.
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You decide to splurge and buy yourself something nice. What do you purchase?
A visit to the spa
A weekend trip away
A nice piece of clothing.
A new gadget.
Dinner at a fancy restaurant
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Who do you share your secrets with?
My family
I keep my secrets to myself
My significant other
My best friend
My friends
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You pick up a quarter on the sidewalk. What do you do with it?
Just put it in my purse or wallet.
Why would I bother to pick up a quarter?
Look for a fountain to toss it into for a wish
Drop it in the next tip jar I see
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A telemarketer calls. What do you do?
Place the phone down quietly and walk away so that they waste their time.
Listen politely. They're just doing their job.
Hang up.
Tell them off for bothering me.
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Where would you rather go to people-watch?
The mall
Outside a cafe, drinking a cup of coffee
The park
An airport
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Which food do you find the most comforting?
I don't find food comforting
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Do you watch horror movies with the lights on or off?
I don't watch horror movies.
It depends on how scary it is.
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Which would you rather go on:
A plane ride.
A car ride.
A boat ride.
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Do you find that your first impressions of people are often correct or wrong?
It varies. Sometimes they're spot on and sometimes they've been amazingly far off.
I find that they are often correct.
They're often wrong.
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What kind of cellphone do you have?
I don't own a cellphone
A normal old cellphone, nothing smart about it
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How old were you when you moved out of your parents' house?
18 or younger
I still live there
20 or older
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