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Do you ever catch yourself smiling for no reason?
Yes, all the time
Only I’m thinking about something funny
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Do you keep your phone by your side all day, in case he/she text/contacts you?
I check it every now and again
Just only there is something is important
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Are you able to concentrate?
Sometimes I catch myself drifting away
Yes, my concentration is just like it always is
My concentration is bad in general
No, I’m not able to concentrate at all
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Has anyone told you that you’re glowing lately?
Maybe once
Yes, I hear it all the time
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Is that person the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning and the last thing you think of before you go to sleep?
Yes, absolutely
No, I have a lot other stuff to think about
I’m not sure
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Are you caring more about your appearance then you normally do?
Yes, I spend more time in front of the mirror
I always care about appearance
Just a little
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If the person you like called you and said needed your help straight away, would you drop everything you’re doing and leave in a minute?
Well, I’m kind of tired right now
It would have to be something really serious
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