Are you hot like fire or cold like ice?
Your personality is like fire or ice? Take this quiz to find out.
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Which of these compliments do you like most?
You’re so beautiful/ handsome
You’re really smart
You’re really trustable
You have a warm heart
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When do you often do your homework?
I’ll finish it before the deadline.
When i have just about run out of time
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Do you think which one of these events is the important milestone in life?
Become an adult
The death
2nd generation in family will be born
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You usually…
Prepare carefully
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Which one of these news makes you anger?
A famous player has made a mistake in last football match.
Political embezzlement
A celebrity drug use
A student killed himself because of school violence
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After the first meet, do you often want to know if he/she was impressed about you?
Wait to you both understand each other, I’ll ask.
Yes, I want to know immediately.
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Can you describe about best friend?
Always beside you to help you whenever you get trouble.
Long time no see but still feel close like seeing each other everyday
Still feel comfortable even nobody tell a word.
Trust each other
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What do you think about “love at first sight”?
Just happen in novel books
So romantic
How infantile!
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An excellent speech is…
It can touch listener’s heart
It must be prepared tiny and easy for the listener to understan
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Do you have a pet?
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