Are You From Mars or Venus?
What planet best describes your world view?
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How long does it usually take you to decide what you want to do on Friday night?
Not long at all! I always know how I want to spend my time.
It can take a long time. I hate making decisions.
It depends on what my friends are doing.
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What's your ideal first date?
A cup of coffee so we can get to know each other.
Dinner and a movie.
An elaborate outing, full of activities that we both enjoy.
Something with other people so that there are people to talk to if we don't hit it off.
Dinner at a fancy restaurant.
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How often do you weight yourself?
Once a week.
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Which would you rather be known for:
Writing a best selling novel.
Discovering a cure.
Starring in a blockbuster movie.
Inventing the next big gadget.
Singing a number one hit song.
Owning the next popular website.
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Do you enjoy driving?
If I have good company.
I don't enjoy driving day to day but I like road trips.
No. It's too tiring.
Yes. It can be very relaxing.
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Coffee or tea?
I'm a coffee person. Don't even try to talk to me before I've had my morning cup. I won't be responsible for what happens.
Tea. There's nothing like tea and a good book.
They both hit the spot at different times of the day.
I'd rather just have a soda.
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When you were little were you scared of the dark?
No. I knew there was nothing to be scared of.
Yes. I liked sleeping with a nightlight.
I'd sometimes check under my bed to make sure there was nothing hiding there, but I never really expected to find anything.
Heck, I still get scared of the dark sometimes, at least after watching a scary movie.
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Do you like to throw parties?
Parties aren't really my kind of thing.
No, but I sure like to go to them.
Only if it's a very special occasion like a birthday party for someone I care a lot about.
Yes. I throw the best parties.
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What would you do if you realized you'd forgotten someone's birthday?
Send them a card and flowers.
Send them a really nice present.
Take them out for a special evening.
Call and wish them a happy birthday.
Make a note to ensure I remember next year.
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When is your favorite time to read?
Right before I go to bed.
I'm not much of a reader.
In the bath with a glass of wine.
Anytime! I'd read all day if I didn't have work to do.
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Did you ever participate in competitive sports when you were at school?
Yes! I loved sports. It was my favorite part of school.
I played sports but never competitively.
No. I've never been interested in competitive sports. It's just a game. Who cares who wins or loses?
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How do you feel about handmade gifts?
I don't like them. I think they're a little tacky.
They're nice if they're well-made.
They're so thoughtful! I love them.
I like getting them but I can't ever make anything anyone would ever want to get.
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Where do you go when you need alone time?
My car.
A movie theater.
The kitchen.
The mall.
My bedroom.
My office.
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When you start planning a trip, what's the first thing you start thinking about?
What arrangements I have to make to be sure things will be taken care of while I'm gone.
How much it will cost.
What I should pack.
How much fun I'm going to have!
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In the middle of a debate, do you normally see the other person's point of view?
No. If I did, I wouldn't be debating.
Only when it's about a subject I'm uncertain of.
Yes. Always.
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How much do you normally tip your waiter?
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What would you rather do at the beach?
Play volleyball.
Swim in the ocean.
Read a book.
Get a nice tan.
Take a walk along the water.
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Do you cry easily?
I never cry.
Yes. I cry books and movies all the time.
I have to be pretty upset about something important to cry.
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What helps you when you're feeling stressed?
Treating myself to a day out.
Distracting myself with chores.
Having some alone time.
Laughing with friends.
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When someone overreacts about something, what do you do?
Try to show them it's not that big a deal.
Try to understand why they're getting so upset.
Try to help them solve the problem.
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Do you normally stay up until midnight on New Year's Eve?
If I'm not too sleepy.
No. The new year will still be there tomorrow.
Always! I'd never miss the first few minutes of the new year.
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