Are You Democratic or Republican?
Do you ever wonder just how democratic or republican you really are? Take this simple quiz to find out where you belong!
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Which do you value most?
Taking care of myself and my family
Individual freedom
Social equality
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You're moving! Pick a state to live.
Ohio or Florida
California or Massachusetts
Texas or Kansas
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A homeless man on the corner is asking for money. You:
Give him the spare change in your pocket.
Nothing, you already gave some last week.
Nothing, it's not your responsibility.
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When it comes to our federal government, what needs to change?
Big spending cuts because we're in debt, even if that means cutting social programs.
Streamline the processes so we can save money without cutting programs.
Higher taxes to create more income equality and lower debt.
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Pick an animal.
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Do you think the government should provide healthcare?
It should provide help for those who need it.
Not at all, capitalism works for any industry.
Yes. We all deserve access to equal healthcare, so the government should manage that.
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How do you feel about the second amendment?
Everyone should be able to own and carry guns.
I think owning guns is fine, but we need to update our gun control laws.
Owning guns should be banned in America.
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You were just elected president. What's your first act?
Lower taxes
Make my birthday a national holiday
Raise the minimum wage
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Which of these is the most important function of government?
Managing the budget
Providing education
Protecting citizens
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